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Software innovation isn’t just a buzz phrase, it’s the key to survival. Picture masses of tiny drones swarming together to take down larger, lumbering enemy vehicles. This is not a scene from the movies, rather today’s reality. A lesson not to be missed by leaders regarding how quickly a group of five or fifteen or twenty, smart people in a one room office can take down an entire industry.

Enter Joseph Knecht, and the lessons and strategies he shares from his vantage point inside the trenches of daily business. As a time-tested entrepreneur and investor in multiple companies, Joseph masterfully captures audiences by disrupting the overused and complacent definition of innovation and leading them to discover his success-driven path to save their businesses from the impending threat of competitors. Audiences walk away inspired and armed with a tool set to preserve their companies or to be the disruptor in their industries.

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Joey in Action


Joseph Knecht started at the bottom of a startup software company in 1999. Through passion, grit and an eye toward seeing challenges differently, today he leads the same company. He and his team at Proteus built multiple industry-disruptive b2b SaaS products and companies. The teams' newest disruptive product ProteusEngage is shaking up the b2b sales world.

Joey and his team have been honored with titles including: Small Business of the Year, Fastest Growing Company Award, Startup Executive of the Year and Mentor of the Year.

Joseph is a devoted husband, mentor, investor, consultant, Long Island native now living in the heart of the Silicon Prairie and a passionate innovator. He has spoken to domestic and international audiences from the dozens to thousands.

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Maverick: A lone dissenter, as an intellectual, an artist, who takes an independent stand apart from status quo


Knecting [kuh-nect-ing] with audiences

Joey enjoys building relationships with the organizers who invite him and the audiences he speaks while speaking and during offstage opportunities. As a now midwesterner he’s an approachable and humble guest who will insipre and you will be excited to work with.

Joey h uses the power of social media to connect with his audiences, your event and local businesses and will include your event hashtag to increase visibility.


Joseph is the author of “Innovate or Die” a guide to innovation that coaches bold leaders through the initial steps of ideation to packaging of the ideas to software product validation, before any code is written.

Joseph's new passion is disruption on how companies are navigating the b2b buyer experience.

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Ambition is not a standalone feeling.


- Joseph Knecht

Speaking Topics

Not if - when - disruption comes

Many business people have heard the story of Kodak and the company’s ultimate undoing with its failure to disrupt and embrace digital photography inside its own ranks. A cautionary tale of the industry giant's undoing as the company ignored the very disruption that would have saved it.

The lesson today is speed to embrace and then create disruption. In mere months a couple of bright people writing code can effectively destroy market share, take down your company or topple an entire industry - think Uber, Airbnb and a host of today's software powered businesses. Each exploded onto the marketplace leaving the smoldering ashes of entire industries in their wake.

Enter #SaaSMaverick. Since 1999 Joseph has been consulting, mentoring and helping companies recognize the potential for disruption and swiftly innovate their way to survival and growth. With his edgy and inspirational style, audiences join Joseph as he shares the strategy to embrace disruption and swiftly reverse your businesses impending upset to a bright future of growth.

Build Your Competitor

If you’re not aggressively building your competitor, you can bet your company that your competitor is. From inside the trenches of business #SaaSMaverick has driven through the graveyards of once-thriving b2b service based businesses on his journeys to disruption.

Join Joseph Knecht as he masterfully weaves stories of his battle-tested experience into the tool set your audience needs to walk away with a survival plan for launching their new software product idea or shifting their business to leverage the power of software. From CEOs of Fortune 500s to bootstrapping entrepreneurs, audiences leave inspired and with a plan to BE the competitor versus another another pile of bones in graveyard of fallen companies.

Stop Chasing Unicorns

Community and business leaders around the globe understand the importance of economic growth in their communities. By the millisecond, conversations surrounding innovation, entrepreneurship, and recruitment/retention of the best and brightest enter boardrooms, association meetings, municipality meetings and business lunches.

Joseph Knecht sounds the rallying cry for leaders and communities to embrace real innovation and stop chasing unicorns - the mythical startup with more than $1billion in market valuation. Whether evaluating a company to invest in, guiding a start-up, leading in the economic development boardroom or chairing his state’s chamber technology council, Knecht leverages real-world experience and anecdotes calling leaders to recognize the importance of fostering all levels of entrepreneurs and business in their community.

Your audience will walk away with a blueprint to better your community's future and an eye toward innovation. Joseph sets you on the path to stop chasing unicorns and start growing your community today.

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